Evocative Photographic Artwork for wanderers, dreamers and lovers of Floral Still Life

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As seen in Vogue

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“Paula Petherick crafts masterpieces using fine art photography. Her incredibly detailed pieces are enriched with textures and layers reminiscent of the Dutch Masters style”


Embrace the Allure of Italy

Bespoke and affordable framed art prints that will infuse your space with the crumbling glamour of Italy


Once you start looking for beauty it finds you everywhere

I am in love with the forgotten and overlooked corners of our world. The crumbling buildings, the dark alleyways and the way nature sneaks in to create beauty in the most forgotten places. Bright green moss in grimy corners, ivy pushing through cracked stonework, shafts of sunlight hitting rotting timber.

Beauty is a moment in time that sings to your soul...

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"Gorgeous and congratulations, your work is just exquisite" Danu

"Wow – you probably get sick of people praising your work …. the colours and texture of
the paper are incredible.  Many, many thanks!" Johanna

"Paula, your work is STUNNING! I'm a huge lover of Flemish still life AND baroque/rococo  design influences so your photography is just incredible to me." Emma