Roses and Schist

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The historic mining town of Arrowtown is home to a spectacular fusion of elegance and beauty. Here, trailing roses tumble over crumbling stone walls and precious peonies blossom amidst the schist and stone, breathing life into a dramatic landscape. This rugged place piques an unspoken nostalgia, binding you within its craggy arms. 

The backdrop of snow-capped mountains holds tales of a hard-lived past, tales of brave souls who challenged the intimidating terrain. These were men and women drawn to New Zealand's rugged beauty, pursuing a glistening trail of gold with unwavering hope, in search of a life filled with promise and prosperity.

Such is the essence of the Roses and Schist Series, an homage to the breathtaking fusion of the delicate and the rugged, of the past and the present, of hope and hard work.

Part of the Roses and Schist Series



All Artworks are printed and framed to order.

Framing in Black with Art Glass

Archival Framing by Harrison Frames using renewable NZ Timber

Giclée printing on heavy parchment 308gsm cotton rag paper

Free Freight within New Zealand

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