Three inspiring floral collections with bespoke handmade frames for beautiful fine art ready to hang

Grandiflora Collection

Flower power in its true form. An abundance of floral beauty.

A Studio Garden Collection

Bringing the garden into the studio to create a floral landscape of fairytale proportions

Inspired by Italy Collection

A Journey of Inspiration and Guerilla Floristry

Narrow graffitied lanes heavy with the patinas of age and life, whispered in my ear. Crumbling alcoves called out for me to adorn them with fruit and flowers

and dreams of Grandeur... so I did.

Looking for something a bit more exclusive?

Large Scale Limited Edition Artworks

“Paula Petherick crafts masterpieces using fine art photography. Her incredibly detailed pieces are enriched with textures and layers reminiscent of the Dutch Masters style”   - BRITISH VOGUE