Peonie di Santa Maria

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A vibrant still life of brilliant pink peonies and pale mauve alliums, amidst classical fruit overflows with decadence and life onto a worn and ancient Roman ledge in the early dawn light.

Along the narrow lanes of Trastevere, thick with the scent of star jasmine and tourist chatter and lying cheek to cheek with the vying Roman trattorie is the back door to the small medieval church of Santa Maria. Jammed with tables and exuberant waiters it is over run and overlooked, but on one day by the early morning light there can be seen a forgotten alcove once more filled with flowers and offerings to the saint.

This is the Story of Guerrilla Floristry

I was awake before the dawn on a steamy Roman morning, lugging flowers and camera gear through the dark cobbled lanes of Trastevere and hoping that the last of the late night revellers had made it to bed. Time was tight to sneak in a pop up still life before the street cleaners and restaurateurs arrived to assemble the day's alfresco dining rooms. By 6.30 I was quietly sipping my café latte two streets away from the scene of the crime, feeling slightly soggy but victorious. 



Giclée printing on heavy parchment 308gsm cotton rag paper

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